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Virgo Full Moon 2022

The Virgo Full Moon of 2022 is here.

This is the Chart:

This Virgo Full Moon is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in Pisces so is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in his own sign of Pisces so the trail of the most powerful influence of this moon is twinkling with extreme Piscean vibes such as dreaming big and experiencing an enchanting atmosphere where ever you are and where ever you go and with everyone you meet. The enchantment that was easy to experience on a daily basis when we were small children is available in an instant now under this Virgo full moon with a simple want or wish. The main trick is to see it within the Virgoan details. Like a door could be an ordinary door.

But upon further inspection....angels may be coming out of the woodwork and you may see that it is actually a magical door! It is like a light LSD or magic mushroom trip: everything seems kind of normal, but zoning into the subtle details, you notice that life is vibrantly stunning and the most ordinary objects hold vivid, magical energy!

We are seeing more possibilities to expand our experiences within our lives. What if you find the treasure? What if you realize a hidden talent? What if you try something different that you like? What if you make new friends? What if you become psychic? What if one thing happens that leads to a totally new life?

The magic of this Full Moon in Virgo is in the details. Like you can hold a book and look at a book. You can open a book and see the pages and the text. But it is each word that makes each sentence that makes each paragraph, and then the chapters, and you see that it is a journey of details that create the most extraordinary, adventurous, epic stories.

What Big Magic Miracle do you want in your life? What details are standing out more that call for your attention, that if inspected, will accompany you into a miraculous experience of a lifetime?

This Virgo full moon at 27 degrees is trine to Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn. When we focus on the aspects of the Virgoan details and apply them to the energies of transformative Pluto in goal-oriented Capricorn, we may be getting lunar intuition presenting to us step by step plans that we know we can implement to become sure-footed in getting us on our way to make dreams manifest in the most practical standards.


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