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New Moon in Aries 2022

Late last night or early this morning, depending on where in the world you are, the moon became brand new at 11°31 Aries. This is the first sign of the zodiac(me first!), the first fire sign(passionate about exerting will-power), and the first cardinal sign,(start something, Do something Be something!) marking the beginning of the season, which is Spring, here in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

Typical Aries, are bold and fast, quick at making decisions on impulse, are go-getters, have high energy, are naturally confident, and super intelligent. Aries knows how to make things happen. The sun has been in Aries for over a week now, but this New Moon in Aries makes it super extra official now! As the moon is all about feelings, so we can FEEL that Aries energy more keenly now.

When the Sun and Moon are aligned together(New Moon) it is a great time to INITIATE. It is the BEST time to INITIATE! All new moons are great times for beginnings, but ARIES IS THE TOTAL INITIATOR!

Ruled by Mars, the brave warrior energy is being reflected upon us. Where do you desire to be brave and bold? Where is the sign of Aries in your natal chart? This new moon has also been conjunct with Chiron, the wounded healer, so it is possible that the brave hero inside of us has some healing to do? Yes? Of course!

Even the most extroverted confident person on the planet has some wounds they have been carrying around since childhood. Some of us have secret wounds, some of us have wounds that we would never want to share. Some of us have totally public wounds. If you actually don't know what kind of wounds you have, then look into where Chiron is in your natal chart.

However, the current place of Chiron is where and how you may understand how to work with that trauma, no matter how severe or slight, so you can gain back more of your Aries-ness and take more charge of your life, Especially Now during THIS New Moon.

According to your Rising Sign:

Aries (and/or have natal Chiron in your first house)your self-esteem needs an examination and a healthy boost before you can get what you want.

Taurus Rising: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 12th house:) It's time to care deeper about your private spirituality before you can get what you want.

Gemini Rising:(and/or have natal Chiron in your 11th house:) it is time to reassess what groups you may be better off without or what associates may need to be changed before you can get what you want.

Cancer:(and/or have natal Chiron in your 10th house:) It's time to take another perspective on your life goals and perhaps make a change on how you are influencing the world before you can get what you want.

Leo: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 9th house:) It's time to face your insecurities about your lack of connection to a higher power and lay your ego down to admit you may need to seek more wisdom before you can get what you want.

Virgo: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 8th house:) It's time to realize that there is such a thing as a dead-end, you must accept your losses now and make that drastic change that may be painful to face now, but which will lead to overall better health for your future, make the change ASAP before you can get what you truly want.

Libra: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 7th house:) It is time to actually apply self-loving practices which may mean that you have to acknowledge your demons and retrospect on devastations. There are no more sweeping feelings of loss under the rug anymore. Learn how to live with yourself, have a laugh with yourself before you can attract what you want.

Scorpio: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 6th house:) It is time to calm down on that addiction that you know is getting in the way of achieving more. It has always seemed harmless and nobody's business, but now you must make the sacrifice before you can be faster at getting what you want.

Sagittarius: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 5th house:) you may pride yourself on how gregarious and popular you become where ever you go, but it's time to confess to your own self what you have been afraid to be open about. You'll have to share it/ express it/and combat it in some way before you can get what you actually want.

Capricorn: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 4th house:) It's time to examine what anxieties you have about becoming more successful. You may have to go against some of your loved one's wishes and demands, perhaps involving a mature "agree to disagree" confrontation before you can get what you want.

Aquarius:(and/or have natal Chiron in your 3rd house:) It's time to realize that perhaps you actually have been caring too much about what others might think. It is all in your mind though, so let it go, put on some thicker armor, and fight your own discouraging thoughts before you can finally get what you really want.

Pisces: (and/or have natal Chiron in your 2nd house:) It's time to be clearer about your money goals perhaps by allowing yourself to speak out loud about what you blatantly want. Overcome your fear of "seeming too materialistic" and embrace your desires with full acceptance to create the right magnetic field to start getting what you want.

"Know Thyself and Thou Shall Know the Universe and the Gods" Stay blessed, Silvia


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