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Last Day of Taurus 2022

Sun in the last degree of Taurus can give that, "I need to hurry up and complete this!"-attitude, usually having to do with assessing finances, making important purchases, and completing tasks of responsibility. Especially on this Friday before the weekend comes. Friday is also Venus day, making this practical Taurus Vibe move faster than usual to get it all together, as Venus is transiting independent Aries for the next 8 days. People that are usually more patient and compromising, just don't have the time to wait on anybody, but themselves right now.

This day starts with Moon entering Aquarius, capable of sending flashes of insight to solve problems in a heartbeat from foresight and innovation that may seem to put Mercury retrograde stagnation on pause while Moon makes a trine to that Gemini ruler, guiding us through a window to think big outside the small box along with discovering an optimistic opportunity out of thin air, thanks to the double angled sextile from Moon and Mercury to Jupiter who transits ambitious and brave Aries, the starter of the zodiac, the entrepreneur of anything under the Sun that you can think of.

Mars inches his way away from confusing Neptune and what has seemed to be a long duration of sluggishness is starting to fade away, and in just five short days from now, Mars will enter his sign of rulership, Aries, and our decisive actions will be revived once again with stronger confidence finally.

As for today, organizing our immediate surroundings will coincide with a more organized mental outlook which we will need, as Gemini season starts before this day is over(6:22:27pm PDT) and multiple activities and contacts to juggle via creative coordination are now on the horizon and zooming in faster than expected.

Become more ready.


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