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2nd Libra Full Moon

April 19th, 2019

NN. 21 Cancer

Mars 12 Gemini

Uranus 2 Taurus

Sun 29 Aries

Chiron 03 Aries

Mercury 02 Aries

Venus 28 Pisces

Neptune 17 Pisces

Pluto 23 Degrees Capricorn

SN 21. Capricorn

Saturn 20 Capricorn

Jupiter 21 Sagittarius rX

Sun and Moon Opposition

Moon Opposite Sun, Trine Juno, Square Pluto, Opposite Uranus, Sextile Jupiter

Good aspects to Jupiter and Juno. Venus conjunct Mercury

The Sun is in Aries at 29 degrees. What ever we started 2 weeks ago, we may start having the feeling of going easy on the enthusiasm. But do keep up the effort. In the beginning, inspiration and enthusiasm are natural, automatic, and easy. Then you see that you have to make a little effort to keep the cheer going. Whether it was a new job, relationship, or art project that you started to give your all to two weeks ago, well here is the point of Yes or No.

Keep going all the way, or seriously stop it. If you are in a circumstance where you actually can’t take immediate action, then this is still the time to gather your focus and determination. Changing your lifestyle starts in the mind. Make your direction clear and strong in your mind, which is now not hard to do since Mercury is in Aries.

The Libra Moon helps you to feel what you have already been thinking a ton about. Libra is an intellectual sign that thinks a lot about everything.

The pros and cons have been weighed in every way. Relationships, no matter how romantic, should still make logical sense.

So long distance relationships with uncertain relocation dates may have to be revised. Also relationships that are lingering on just because of the positive sex, but are a clash of lifestyles will have to be revised!

If you have been thinking about how a partner may not be right for you.

Well, this second Libra full Moon will help you feel the realness of those thoughts. Actions from partners on the full moon will show you what they really think about the relationship.

Critical action in one way, or the other is necessary if you would like to see any type of progress.

This full moon has a lot going on. It is the second Libra full moon in a row. This is rare.

We have a second chance at coming to terms with our true feelings about what we are pursuing. Be that a relationship with a person or a type of artistic expression. The most obvious example, and what most people are actually dealing with is the issue of a relationship with a significant other.

This full moon is on the last degree of the Aries and Libra axis. Have you been sacrificing yourself too much for someone or who does not appreciate your efforts? Or have you been harboring ill feelings towards someone that you feel obligated to continue a friendship with even though you can’t stand them? Is that someone a lover, a friend, a job?

If you are in a positive relationship, perhaps now is the time to make a big move and seal the deal. This could be a critical time to actually express how you feel so you don’t lose out on a good deal. Commit or Quit! The square to Pluto and the south node is a message of Serious Inquiries Only and the square to Saturn is a an urgent message to be careful to not waste time.

Whatever the situation is, this is a time for action.

The Sun and moon are still Square to Saturn just like they were on the new moon. Although, this time the moon is on the other side…Saturn is in the middle, creating a wide range T square along with Pluto and the south node.

During the new moon, there was a more selfish response. It was all about how you were going to get ahead. We only thought about ourselves while still lost in dreams. Now we must consider all else who are involved with making our choices.

Do you consider someone else’s feelings, before you make a choice? Or are you so strong about your purpose that you created for yourself so you act for yourself?

The life choices we make (or don’t make) to improve our lives and having a partner who is supporting us (or not supporting us) is what we can consider learning more about at this time for the energies for these lessons are now prime.

We can’t control how others feel, but we can have power over how we respond to the events that occur within the circumstances we are in.

During the new moon, we got an idea that we are pursuing our destiny and we are ready to embody all the qualities necessary to achieve our desires. Then we looked to the people who are closest to us and wondered if they will accept our now more carefully defined destiny. Will they be a help, or a hindrance?

The square of Saturn to Moon and Sun during this critical time will help us to make a wise, responsible adult choice, and be willing to learn valuable and practical lessons no matter what ends up happening. A higher mission for our soul is chosen over a comfortable stagnant way of being. For those who choose the easy way that keeps one in a just OK life, then that’s fine.

Then there will be those of us who make fast choices, break hearts and agreements if necessary, cut their loses, and move on to more difficult, but soul enriching enterprises.

Think long term. You know, that typical business interview question: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?”

Are the people, projects, and businesses you are dealing with right now aiding to your long-term success? It not, then cut it out. But if so, then make it grow.

More than half of the planets are cardinal energy right now. This is a good pushing energy incase you need a kick on the butt to get going on what you know you have got to do already to be more in charge of your emotional life.

Time is precious and if you look for it, you will find ways to save more time while still being thorough and complete in your work. Have fun playing the “Let’s See How Much More Efficient I Can Be” game.

The Sun being in Aries brings Mars up for examination. And full Moon being in Libra brings Venus up for inspection. It’s always this way during a Libra full Moon.

Venus and Mars are in mutable signs, which mean they can easily change their course of actions. They see all the options and can get lost in the possibilities. You can count on these energies Switching things on you fast.

Venus has been so compatible and accommodating for so long. Venus has been in love with love within a dream. It has been lovely and harmonious circumstances have evolved because of this dream. However, it is time for the scene to change. Some people will rearrange their homes and decorations suddenly. For it is easier to control your surroundings than people…

Venus is ready to go out more and be more extroverted. Gears are changing for Venus. She is soon to be less accommodating and available and is about to become hard to get.

Mars is still in mutable Gemini and will be thrilled about how Venus starts doing things that he likes too. Venus will go to the shooting range…by herself though. Wait, wasn’t it I that taught her that in the first place?” wonders Mars.

Mars will start becoming impressed with Venus’s new independence, but becomes susceptible to jealously and suspicion about Venus’s new ways of acting. Especially around the 26th when Mars makes a square to Neptune. Mars will see that Venus is captain of her own ship and may become ill with dark haunting thoughts of her leaving him in the dust.

Venus will be focused, but Mars is distracted by illusions. Mars will hold in his crazy ideas, but on April 29th to May 3rd,the damn will break open for much needed communication. Venus will be left with yet another brand new choice in direction by the next new moon.

Every thing described here describes the vibes in the air on the days around this 29 degrees Libra Full Moon. If you want to know more specifically how this full moon will affect you personally, you will need to know your exact time of birth to compare your particular natal chart to the current positions of the planets at the time of the Full moon.

Peace, Love and Awareness and have a good day.

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