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2nd Libra Full Moon

April 19th, 2019

NN. 21 Cancer

Mars 12 Gemini

Uranus 2 Taurus

Sun 29 Aries

Chiron 03 Aries

Mercury 02 Aries

Venus 28 Pisces

Neptune 17 Pisces

Pluto 23 Degrees Capricorn

SN 21. Capricorn

Saturn 20 Capricorn

Jupiter 21 Sagittarius rX

Sun and Moon Opposition

Moon Opposite Sun, Trine Juno, Square Pluto, Opposite Uranus, Sextile Jupiter

Good aspects to Jupiter and Juno. Venus conjunct Mercury

The Sun is in Aries at 29 degrees. What ever we started 2 weeks ago, we may start having the feeling of going easy on the enthusiasm. But do keep up the effort. In the beginning, inspiration and enthusiasm are natural, automatic, and easy. Then you see that you have to make a little effort to keep the cheer going. Whether it was a new job, relationship, or art project that you started to give your all to two weeks ago, well here is the point of Yes or No.

Keep going all the way, or seriously stop it. If you are in a circumstance where you actually can’t take immediate action, then this is still the time to gather your focus and determination. Changing your lifestyle starts in the mind. Make your direction clear and strong in your mind, which is now not hard to do since Mercury is in Aries.