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New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 00° Cancer on June 20, 2020

Let’s check out this solar eclipse coming up this weekend on June 20th, Saturday at 11:41 pm PDT.

I live in Long Beach, so the chart below, is what the sky will look like at the exact time of the eclipse. I will not be able to see this solar eclipse, as the sun and moon are below the horizon. If I was an Eclipse-Chaser, I would have to have myself situated in the middle of Africa at the start of this eclipse, but traveling over seas is tough these days since the whole COVID-19 epidemic that blew up during the Virgo Full moon in March of this year.

The solar eclipse is in Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, so this intensifies the lunatic energies of neediness like how a newborn baby wants its mother.

If you are reading this, you are most likely an adult with various issues or statuses with your mother to this day.

Perhaps you have lost your mother at a young age, or perhaps you are very close to your mother and talk to her every day, or perhaps you have an issue with your mother and you haven’t spoken to her in years.

Whatever the case, we have all been born from a mother in one-way or another. Unless you are some sort of science experiment or alien, then it is a fact that you have at some point been connected to your mother before your birth on this earth.

People who have adopted children, or who have been adopted themselves, or mothers who have given up their own babies for adoption will be feeling this energy powerfully as this is most likely a powerful point in their charts.

This solar eclipse also tremendously affects people who have had abortions, or have had partners that had abortions or miscarriages. The emotional impact that was felt around these situations pops up in our consciousness again.

This energy affects everyone in some way, like even reaching the feelings of men who have children with women who they are now estranged from, will at least realize the emotional impact that is still lingering within them about the situation.

This solar eclipse reminds us of all of this.

People who want children, but cannot for some reason, are also in this spotlight.

The energy of Cancer is a nurturing instinct. So even if you are not a mother yourself or have no relationship to a mother some how, then this new moon can help you realize your very own nurturing instincts.

How are you nurturing yourself? How are you parenting your self? How are you taking care of your home, your houseplants, and your pets?

The moon also represents your home environment and that feeling of safety and protection from “the dangerous outside world.”

Your home environment is like a recreation of the womb you grew and developed in.

When we are at home, we are in an area where we can nurture ourselves, spiritually grow, and prepare ourselves for the outside world. Every day.

Some of us may be living with housemates, and so it is hard to have complete control over the home situation.

How you can manage all of this comes into top importance on your emotional priority list.

It was just earlier today, (six days before this eclipse) that I installed an alarm system on the back door of my apartment.

I did this because one day I came home with the roommate gone and I noticed that the back door was completely unlocked! There are three locks on that door. Then the next day I had a dream that I came home and the door was unlocked again and wide open. In the dream I was in a panic and searched around to see what might have been stolen. Nothing was stolen in this dream or in real life. However, I trust dreams to give me clues and warnings about waking life. Knowing that this solar eclipse is coming up, I decided to not take any chances with my security and confronted the housemate about being more mindful of checking the locks before they leave, and now to also make sure my newly installed alarm is on too.

The Aspects to this Solar Eclipse:

I have explained a lot of the types of energies and feels of what this solar eclipse can bring. Most of it is memories and how we process these memories. Another side of it is our concern for current and future securities of our home. Whether it is our actual home that we live in, or that beautiful "home" sensation we hold within our hearts.

There are 2 main aspects to this solar eclipse. The first is Saturn at 0° retrograde in Aquarius that makes a quincunx. A quincunx is an aspect that is 150 degrees apart. It is in a different element, a different mode, and a different polarity. Aquarius is an air, fixed, yang sign and the solar eclipse, the sun and moon, are in Cancer which is a water, cardinal, yin sign. They are more different that opposing signs. With nearly nothing in common, it is hard to find common ground. There is trouble in merging the 2 differences so it seems like it has to be one way or the other.

The next aspect that affects this solar eclipse is Uranus in septile to the eclipse. A septile is an aspect that is 51 degrees apart and is hardly ever mentioned by astrologers. A septile gives keen intuitive insight that when we know it, we are lost for words, but somehow just know what to do about it. Many of us will be applying some drastic changes to gain some sort of emotional support during and soon after this eclipse. Look to your natal chart to find where Uranus is transiting and that will give you a further clue to where this insight will come from.

For example of what to expect around this eclipse, I will use whole sign houses to describe what each rising sign might be blessed and challenged with. Depending on your degree of Rising sign, the current or the next rising sign and house examples might make more sense to you, but generally speaking:

Aries Rising:

This Solar eclipse lands in your 4th house of Home. Saturn is transiting your 11th house of Friends and Group participation. You feel a strong urge to get your home life under control and may feel the neglect of friends and being a part of an important part of society. Putting more effort into your home will later produce advances upon your career life within 6 months.

Taurus Rising:

This Solar eclipse lands in your 3rd house of Communication. Saturn is transiting your 10th house of Public Reputation. You feel a strong urge to understand the community that you live in, have a grasp of your immediate surroundings and may feel the neglect of advancing in your career and becoming recognized in a particular field. Applying more effort into your day to day errands and becoming accustomed to the going-ons of your neighborhood, and peers, will help you realize a higher purpose and gain universal wisdom to share and understand with the world within 6 months.

Gemini Rising:

This Solar eclipse lands in your 2nd house of Income and Valuables. Saturn is transiting your 9th house of Mental Exploration and Far Travels. There is a strong urge to get on top of your finances. The lack of opportunity to travel is actually a gift in disguise. You have more time to save which will later allow you to go to the places of your destiny. Setting goals to make and save money on your own will result in major abundance from currently unknown sources within 6 months.

Cancer Rising:

This Solar eclipse lands in your 1st house of Self Interest. Saturn is transiting your 8th house of Spiritual Transformation. There is a strong urge to upgrade your persona by improving how you feel about yourself and how you appear to the outside world. There is a yearn for another spiritual transformation that seems to be taking too long. However, if you focus on the little things that you do have and are grateful for the life you are living right now, then you will automatically start to attract more relationships that fulfill your soul's mission within 6 months.

Leo Rising:

This Solar eclipse lands in your 12th house of Secrets and Sorrows. Saturn is transiting your 7th house of Important Partnerships. You feel a strong urge to get deeper in touch with your subconscious to discover your latent talents. There seems to not be enough time to develop more clarity in relationships. However, the more you meditate, and journal in solitude about your true feelings, you can expect some of your most cherished dreams to come true within 6 months.

Virgo Rising:

This Solar eclipse lands in your 11 house of Friends and Group Participation. Saturn is transiting your 6th house of Hard Work and Health. You strongly urge to take your leadership role in your community to the next level. There seems to be an incongruence with your goals and then needing more time to take care of your health with meeting odds and ends in your daily life. However, the more you focus on making radical changes in how you have approached "the world out there" the more you will become the center of attention of being a creative group navigator within 6 months. The artist in you is reawakening.

Libra Rising:

This Solar Eclipse lands in your 10th house of Public Reputation. Saturn is transiting your 5th house of Sex and Creativity.

There is a strong urge to do something important and long lasting for the world. What will you be known for? Frustrations in your creativity may be distracting you. However, if you focus on applying all your past experiences into insight into amplifying your current worldly projects, you will be fueling more life force into your dream home and tremendously improve you psychological foundation within 6 months.

Scorpio Rising:

This Solar Eclipse lands in your 9th house of Mental Exploration and Far Travels. Saturn is transiting your 4th house of Home. You have a strong urge to study everything you can for your higher learning to better yourself. There is some stress at home that is hard to put your finger on. If you can limit your distractions and study deeper in a more organized manner, this will lead to you developing a more charismatic communication style. Within 6 months, you will have so much to teach and share, you may become that "go-to" person when others need advice that you readily have to offer.

Sagittarius Rising:

This Solar Eclipse lands in your 8th house of Spiritual Transformation. Saturn is transiting your 3rd house of Communications. There is a strong urge to find your power and become enlightened. There seems to be a blockage in communicating your needs, however deep meditation and observation of life issues in a symbolic mindset, may lead you to gain greater wealth within 6 months.

Capricorn Rising:

This Solar Eclipse lands in your 7th house of Important Partnerships. Saturn is transiting your 2nd house of Income and Valuables. There is an urge for you to establish a connection with someone on a "soul-mate" or "meant-to-be" status. Hauling in the flow of money seems to be taking all of your energy, but if you give more of a gentle focus on your important relationships, you find that a brand new door to a brand new area of self knowledge will open up to you and radically change your world that you live in within 6 months.

Aquarius Rising:

This Solar Eclipse lands in your 6th house of Hard Work and Health. Saturn is transiting your 1st house of Self-Interest. There is a strong urge to understand and get on top of your ultimate health. You want to find a balance while working at healing yourself and your environment. There may be a struggle with your inner critics voice being louder than your intuition lately. Bringing your focus back to the mind-body-spirit connection, you will discover the balance you have been seeking. This will result in a clearer understanding of your subconscious which will prepare you for many psychic experiences to come your way within 6 months.

Pisces Rising:

This Solar Eclipse lands in your 5th house of Creativity and Sex. Saturn is transiting your 12th house of Secrets and Sorrows. You may find you have a strong urge to produce something extremely creative and want to feel a new freedom in your sexuality. The sadness of past disappointments may have been weighing down on you and still tug you away from your artistic pursuits. However, the more you can organize time periods to allow your creativity to safely run free, you may find that the extroverted side of your personality will come to light and a new belonging with like minded individuals will blossom in your world within 6 months.


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