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New moon in Virgo at 25° in a tight earth trine with Saturn.

This is a big realization to become more organized, even if you already are organized, then more so you might want to become.

Whatever large-scale and long-term projects you are working on, well, this is a day to comb over those fine details in order to put yourself on the path to success. The trine to Saturn is a huge helping hand for a more professional reputation. This even helps those who do not care to be in public or to be a professional because it is mostly about pushing your standards for yourself to a higher level.

Become your best self, no matter how you live your life.

The painstaking work that you have either been avoiding or leaving on the back burner is now being brought to focus.

Whether you are business person or a creative artist, this is the energy to develop a plan of action.

Already have a plan of action? Then fine tune it.

Creating lists and getting on top of your time management to execute your goals in the most efficient manner, is the flavor of this new moon.

This new moon is mercury ruled of which is in friction aspect to Jupiter. Which situation in your life stands out the most? What is of most concern for you? Checking details is always important, but the big picture is calling for attention.

If you usually obsess with the details, so much that it seems impossible to finish anything, (or even get started on anything if you are an over-preparer) you may want to take a step back to make sure you have a grasp of the over all project. Can you envision the finish line?

Although, if you usually take full strides ahead without worrying about the little details that seem to get in your way, then you may want to try a different approach and actually search for what smaller steps you may be missing. Especially if you are overwhelmed, then take your big goal and your massive workload and break them into smaller steps. Small and precise Virgo steps.

This is because we are heading into the Equinox which is all about balancing the forces within.

VIRGO new moon is helping you to plan and prepare for what is in store towards the middle and end of December.

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