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The New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 0° Cancer on June 20, 2020

Let’s check out this solar eclipse coming up this weekend on June 20th, Saturday at 11:41 pm PDT.

I live in Long Beach, so the chart below, is what the sky will look like at the exact time of the eclipse. I will not be able to see this solar eclipse, as the sun and moon are below the horizon. If I was an Eclipse-Chaser, I would have to have myself situated in the middle of Africa at the start of this eclipse, but traveling over seas is tough these days since the whole COVID-19 epidemic that blew up during the Virgo Full moon in March of this year.

The chart of the solar eclipse in June of 2020 from Long Beach, CA

The solar eclipse is in Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, so this intensifies the lunatic energies of neediness like how a newborn baby wants its mother.

If you are reading this, you are most likely an adult with various issues or statuses with your mother to this day.

Perhaps you have lost your mother at a young age, or perhaps you are very close to your mother and talk to her every day, or perhaps you have an issue with your mother and you haven’t spoken to her in years.

Whatever the case, we have all been born from a mother in one-way or another. Unless you are some sort of science experiment or alien, then it is a fact that you have at some point been connected to your mother before your birth on this earth.

People who have adopted children, or who have been adopted themselves, or mothers who have given up their own babies for adoption will be feeling this energy powerfully as this is most likely a powerful point in their charts.

This solar eclipse also tremendously affects people who have had abortions, or have had partners that had abortions or miscarriages. The emotional impact that was felt around these situations pops up in our consciousness again.

This energy affects everyone in some way, like even reaching the feelings of men who have children with women who they are now estranged from, will at least realize the emotional impact that is still lingering within them about the situation.