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The Crab and Capricorn Nodal Axis

A New 18 month dilemma is here for everyone. It involves balancing home & family life and career. The last 18 months before today, was all about people seeking fame and popularity for egotistical reasons, versus getting along genuinely with your friends and community. That was because of the North Node Leo and South Node Aquarius nodal axis. The nodal axis are the two points in the sky that mark where the next lunar and solar partial & total eclipses will land. Eclipses mark dramatic changes in consciousness. If an eclipse lands on a planet degree or angle that coincides with your natal chart, you can expect a huge and very noticeable change about your life regarding the house (area of life) it lands in.

The last total lunar eclipse was at 4 degrees Aquarius. Where did it land in your natal chart? For me, it was conjunct MC with the sun on my IC.

I was feeling drained every time I thought about business. I wanted to be left alone at home, but felt like I was on stage about everything. I wasn't feeling comfortable in home or in the public. Both needed a change. I did end up moving across the United states to find a new home a couple of months after that eclipse.

I also shut down one business and relaxed for once!


Depending on you rising sign, how old you are, and what is already happening in your world right now, you can know what major shifts to expect in these next 18 months by knowing your rising sign.


Aries Rising:

Your Career and Your home life need to be balanced. Home takes priority.


Taurus Rising:

Choosing solitude to study and learn all you can versus balancing yourself by getting out there and chatting with people is your area for hands on experience. It is the personal contact expansion that takes priority.

Gemini Rising:

Accepting financial help from other people versus creating your very own wealth. Creating your own wealth takes priority. Tap int all the nurturing instincts you possess. You'll find that the more you care, the more you earn.

Cancer Rising:

You may focus much time and energy on a partner and towards other people. This is a good time for you to learn how to be selfish and expand upon your self love and self nurturing skills. You must help yourself before you can continue to help others.

Leo Rising:

You are having more spiritual concerns and seek more time and energy to reflect on all that has occurred in the past 2 years. You happen to come across new meditation techniques. At the same time, you also feel the pressure to work harder. There is so much to be done, but you want to sleep and get in touch with spirit guides. Ask for help for all your mundane tasks and do take time to rest, reflect and meditate more than you have even allowed yourself to do so in the past.

Virgo Rising:

The smell of fame and the taste of popularity is close to home for you. However it seems draining at the same time. You are needing to express yourself so much stronger now. Turn up the volume on your creativity. Watch out to not alienate your friends though. Could your need for expressing your soul actually be pushing certain people away from you? This is a time to accept that you may need to get in closer touch with your community and perhaps create a whole new type of circle of friends.

Libra Rising:

It's not going to be easy doing it on your own, but your business really needs your unique input. Make a decision about it on your own. Don't worry too much about your home. It's time to be out there, full of business ideas.

Scorpio Rising:

Your amazing tug of war for the next 18 months is all about the desire to utilize your penetrating mind to consume knowledge to advance yourself. Meanwhile the pressure to come out and play is there from your peers. They are eager to know what you are learning. You have much to share with your peers, but you have to read another book before you just kick back and give into fleeting nonsense conversations that seem to go nowhere with your neighbors. You try to lighten up and show your happy face at all the get togethers you are constantly invited to, but you seek something much greater and more spiritually fulfilling.

Sagittarius Rising:

Dear Sagittarius rising, as if you aren't lucky enough already, this next year and a half you can live and witness the raw experience of that popular phrase "Ask and you shall receive."

Capricorn Rising:

You are excellent at being your own boss, being independent and self reliant. This next year and a half, you may find that you need help with some of your goals, and this time, there is actually someone you can rely on and trust. It's up to you to allow some of those walls to come down and be open to an extremely helpful relationship.

Aquarius Rising:

Your dreams seem to be coming true. You have a whole world of dreams and imagination that are calling for your attention. The "real world" also needs your attention. Find a way to bring the insight of your dreams into crystal clear practical reality. Your inner gifts want to be utilized in todays mundane world. For the sake of revolution, dream on, practically dream on with tangible results.

Pisces Rising:

This is going to be interesting. You may want to strike out alone upon something you've been quietly working on for a very long time. The people who are your friends may not agree with everything you do, but here is a great test for you to truly not care what others think. Be yourself, get to know yourself all over again. Work hard on your creativity privately. The right results are constantly on the way, no matter what anyone else thinks, many other people will like it.


The transits of the nodes do travel backward, so those of you born in the latest of the degrees for any given rising sign will recognize the effects of the transit sooner than those with rising signs closer to the beginning of a sign.

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