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The Crab and Capricorn Nodal Axis

A New 18 month dilemma is here for everyone. It involves balancing home & family life and career. The last 18 months before today, was all about people seeking fame and popularity for egotistical reasons, versus getting along genuinely with your friends and community. That was because of the North Node Leo and South Node Aquarius nodal axis. The nodal axis are the two points in the sky that mark where the next lunar and solar partial & total eclipses will land. Eclipses mark dramatic changes in consciousness. If an eclipse lands on a planet degree or angle that coincides with your natal chart, you can expect a huge and very noticeable change about your life regarding the house (area of life) it lands in.

The last total lunar eclipse was at 4 degrees Aquarius. Where did it land in your natal chart? For me, it was conjunct MC with the sun on my IC.

I was feeling drained every time I thought about business. I wanted to be left alone at home, but felt like I was on stage about everything. I wasn't feeling comfortable in home or in the public. Both needed a change. I did end up moving across the United states to find a new home a couple of months after that eclipse.

I also shut down one business and relaxed for once!


Depending on you rising sign, how old you are, and what is already happening in your world right now, you can know what major shifts to expect in these next 18 months by knowing your rising sign.


Aries Rising:

Your Career and Your home life need to be balanced. Home takes priority.