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Aquarius New Moon

On January 27, 2017 the moon entered Aquarius. At 7:07 pm EST, the moon proceeded to the same degree as the Aquarian Sun.

New moon is time for new beginnings. It is a time to start over. Moon energy is about nurturing the self and others. Moon energy is sensitive to how everything feels. It seeks security in close things, such as food, clothing, shelter and family. In the sign of Aquarius, the nurturing that takes place is not so personal, but on a wide humanitarian level. The nurturing energy of the moon is concerned with the world at large while in this sign.

How are we treating the world, and how is the world treating us? What is going on in the world that energizes or threatens your security? What can you do for all of humanity to help increase the security of that "home" feeling?

So, when it comes to this new moon of new beginnings and strong feelings of nurturing, the way it is gone about is in a revolutionary way. As Aquarius is the sign of revolution.

Aquarius rules groups, volunteer organizations, collaboration, freedom, and protesting. Aquarius is the most political sign. As the sign of the Water Bearer, Aquarius reaches out into the cosmos for celestial ideas of radical change. The water that the bearer pours is knowledge for the rest of humanity.

This new moon brings eagerness to change. It sets the tone for the rest of the moon cycle before the next new moon of Pisces.

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